Here's the THING.

The Valtozash Bigband pozible campaign is coming to an end.

This is one of the most rewarding projects I'm apart of.

We play all original compositions, arranged for a 17 piece bigband with fucking 5 baritone saxophones in a similar vein to Mr Bungle, John Zorn, Fantomas. (insert unpopular experimental project/s)

We've made some massive inroads on our funding campaign, yet still have a little way to go. It's not cheap to record a band of this size; we also recruited an orchestra too...... Brutal right?!??!? r i g h t?

Check out some footage from album recording at the following link:

For any cashola given towards the $25, $30 and $35 perks I will offer a one hour lesson where you can rack my brains about anything from drumming, tabla, composition, electronic music production, valtozash, kodiak empire, milton man gogh, found in trees, my time at banff right, etc etc. We can even go for ice cream, I could mind your pets/friends, we could talk about how shit pre 6:00 news T.V. is too, (Specifically the programming between 2pm-6pm) I really don't mind.

Here's the link below to the campaign:

"Valtozash started on the 12th of May in 2014. We had a humble beginning with only a few charts, a few less members (11 to be precise) and a strong, burning vision that only our fearless leader, Andre Bonetti could see. 

As time passed and more charts were written, gigs were performed, more like minded people joined our ranks and those whose hearts were not metal enough fell by the wayside. For those who had been in the band since the beginning and perhaps spent a bit too much time hanging out drinking home brew, a strong, cult like bond had been created between themselves and the band and its concept. So, we decided to start doing gigs in black, flowing cloaks. Designs were drawn for these and concepts discussed on how to cast metal amulets in the shape of a "V" and somehow have the middle glow red. 17 cloaks do exist and feature on every gig we do!

Cut to 2016, we have recorded a four track EP, three hours worth music has either been written or arranged by our fearless leader, many more gigs have been done, including two in a brewery. Morale is strong and we start planing for 2017 and the creation of our first full album! Naturally, this album must feature a full symphonic orchestra.

Our music is brutal, it shakes the ground, the meek tremble in their boots and the too shallow of mind turn and flee. The jazz snobs turn up their noses in disdain."