Greetings, I've got a few exciting things to share:

Currently hard at work with Father Shannon building a studio out the back. Check out some PICS below; it backs onto a lovely forest and mangroves. K33 N. Will be starting lessons at home early July, get in touch if you're keen!

The Milton Man Gogh debut album is fully tracked and currently being mixed and mastered for release sometime in spring this year. Announcing some shows shortly too.

kodiak empire writing for the next release is well under way, stoked with how it's all been brewing in the kodiak kitchen. We've got some additional shows to announce shortly but stoked to be playing with Orsome Welles Friday 16th June at Black Bear Lodge.

Fresco Kyoto have some m a d shows to announce shortly and will be recording the debut EP for release towards the back end of 2017/early 2018.

The Valtozash Bigband debut album is being recorded early July, I've never been more scared/excited/flummoxed in my life. It'll either be really fucking good or the worst thing you've ever heard.

Found In Trees debut EP will be released in November/December 2017. All material is written and ready2go.

Working with Greg Olley and Zac Sakrewski on some of his original tunes, keep an eye out for some tracks and shows there too.

Enjoying finding more time to write original compositions for Milton and the BANFF Program in August. Been experimenting with tabla, electronics, synths and drums, will have an originals EP out early next year for this stuff once it makes some sense.

Progress shot of the studio, 21/05/17

Progress shot of the studio, 21/05/17